Non-Contact Rugby

Last updated March 4, 2021

Click the button below to sign up for this season. You do not have to pay dues for Summer 2021 but we welcome any donations. Waivers must still be signed via this link.

Sign Up for Youth Rugby at no charge – CLICK HERE

Important News 3/4/21:

Youth Rugby Practice dates for summer, 2021 have not been set yet.

For now, we are changing the way we run practices due to COVID-19. We are closely monitoring the information on the Alabama Department of Public Health’s COVID-19 web page at

– We are NOT charging youth season dues this year, but do not expect us to provide jerseys, shorts, socks, balls, etc.

– We cannot guarantee any tournaments will happen the summer of 2021. If they do, and you are able to attend, we will split the tournament entry fees among participants.

Central Alabama Non-Contact Rugby Sevens = Flag

(Ages 6 – 15) – ages of each team to be determined based on what we have

Registration for ages 6 – 15 (flag): Date of Birth between 9/1/05 and 9/1/14 for the year ending 8/31/21. Yes, you can be older than 11 or 12 to play in this division now!

Note: 11 year olds have the option to move up to contact rugby with parents’ permission

Style = CoEd Flag Rugby

Practices/Scrimmages for this age will be Monday nights from 6:00 – 7:30 at Krebs Field at Ramsay Park (3601 Montclair Road in Birmingham). Starting date is likely May something or June something, 2021 with and end date tentatively August something, 2021. Check this website’s calendar for cancellations or date changes.

Tournaments for the 2021 U13 Flag Rugby Team:

TBD, if any this summer

Cost: Nothing for the summer of 2021 unless tournaments happen and you go to a tournament

Laws (a.k.a. Rules):

Click here for the U12 laws and “progressions” used by Central Alabama Youth Rugby

Click here for the JV laws and “progressions” used by Central Alabama Youth Rugby


Misc Info:
– Krebs Field (at Ramsay Park) is located at 3601 Montclair Road, Birmingham, Alabama
– Matches are handled by coaches and referees certified by USA Rugby.
– Players of certain ages are allowed to “play up” an age group with the permission of a parent or legal guardian, but no player is allowed to “play down.”
 – For more information please contact one of the following:
Field Hotline = 205-933-6285