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Previous Scores:

Spring 2024 Results (Vulcans – Men)
Date Opponent Result
24-Feb-24 at Baton Rouge Loss 46-0
09-Mar-24 at Chattanooga Loss 30-7
Fall 2023 Results (Vulcans – Men)
Date Opponent Result
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Spring 2023 Results (Vulcans – Men)
Date Opponent Result
28-Jan-23 at Huntsville Loss 32-14
11-Feb-23 Huntsville Win 17-7
18-Feb-23 at Savannah Win 28-6
25-Feb-23 Mobile Win via forfeit
18-Mar-23 at Mobile Win 67-0
Spring 2023 Results (Steel – Women)
Date Opponent Result
11-Mar-23 McMinn Win 
18-Mar-23 at Huntsville Win 62-12
Fall 2022 Results (Vulcans – Men)
Date Opponent Result
24-Sep-22 Atlanta Old White Loss 29-7
1-Oct-22 Nashville Grizzlies at HOD Tournament in Huntsville Win 43-0
1-Oct-22 AMC (mostly Austin Blacks from Texas) at HOD Tournament in Huntsville Loss 40-12
22-Oct-22 Montgomery (Matrix) Win 68-7
19-Oct-22 at Montgomery (Matrix) Win 40-5
Fall 2022 Results (Steel – Women)
Date Opponent Result
24-Sep-22 at McMinn Win 41-0
  others to be filled out here   
19-Oct-22 Chattanooga Queens Win 31-21
Summer 2022 results worthy of note:
18-June-22 Birmingham Vulcans Men earned 1st place at Nashville 7s with overtime win over Old White in finals
Spring 2022 Results (Steel – Women)
Date Opponent Result
19-Mar-22 Tulane Win 34-22
2-Apr-22 Mobile Loss 20-19
23-Apr-22 at Huntsville Loss 22-0
30-Apr-22 at Lexington Loss 36-34
Spring 2022 Results (Vulcans – Men)
Date Opponent Result
12-Feb-22 at New Orleans (Matrix) Loss 72-5
12-Mar-22 New Orleans (Matrix) Loss 36-24
19-Mar-22 Knoxville (Matrix) Win 36-17
9-Apr-22 Chattanooga (in Knoxville for True South Playoffs) Loss 34-12
Fall 2021 Results (Vulcans – Men)
Date Opponent Result
25-Sep-21 at Nashville (Matrix) Loss 29-28
9-Oct-21 at Knoxville (Matrix) Win 39-12
30-Oct-21 at Chattanooga (Matrix) Loss 17-7
6-Nov-21 Nashville (Matrix) Win 33-3
13-Nov-21 Huntsville (in State Championship Tournament) Win 17-7
13-Nov-21 Montgomery (in State Championship Tournament) Loss 17-7
13-Nov-21 Huntsville (in State Championship Tournament Finals) Win 48-10
20-Nov-21 Chattanooga (Matrix) Loss 47-10
Summer 2021 results worthy of note:
26-June-21 Birmingham Vulcans Men earned 1st place at Vulcan 7s with 31-14 win over Pensacola in finals
10-July-21 Birmingham Vulcans Men went 4-0 at Luau 7s in Mobile but were given 3rd place based on point differential
10-July-21 CAYR U12 flag rugby earned 1st place at Luau 7s in Mobile by defeating Baton Rouge Youth Rugby
Spring 2021 Results
Date Opponent Result
20-Feb-2021 New Orleans Division 2 (not NOLA Gold) Win 39-12
06-Mar-2021 at Chattanooga Win 24-19
13-Mar-2021 at New Orleans Loss 49-27
25-Mar-2021 Cincinnati Wolfhounds Canceled due to tornadoes and lightning
17-Apr-2021 at Nashville Outlaws Loss 56-26
Fall 2020 Results
Date Opponent Result
17-Oct-20 at Huntsville Win 24-7
24-Oct-20 Birmingham C Win 48-0
31-Oct-20 Memphis Blues Win 92-5
21-Nov-20 Montgomery Win 31-5
21-Nov-20 Huntsville Win 49-0
21-Nov-20 Montgomery (State Championship Finals – Gene Higgins Cup) Win 38-5
Spring 2020 Results
Date Opponent Result
25-Jan-20 at Atlanta Old White Loss 39-0
25-Jan-20 Vulcans B at Old White B Win 17-14
1-Feb-20 Vulcans B at Huntsville Win 49-15
8-Feb-20 Baton Rouge at Vulcans (matrix match) Win 24-5
22-Feb-20 Memphis at Vulcans (matrix match) Win 96-3
7-Mar-20 at New Orleans (matrix match) Loss 43-24
Fall 2019 Results
Date Opponent Result
28-Sep-19 Savannah at Vulcans Loss 31-27
12-Oct-19 Nashville (Matrix) Win 19-14
19-Oct-19 at Charlotte Loss 56-7
26-Oct-19 Atlanta Renegades Loss 24-12
2-Nov-19 Gadsden Win 47-11
16-Nov-19 Gadsden (State Semifinals) Win 41-3
16-Nov-19 Montgomery (State Finals) Win 37-21
Summer 2019 results worthy of note:
3-Aug-19 CAYR U13 earned 1st place at Elvis 7s in Memphis
Spring 2019
Date Opponent Result
26-Jan-19 Atlanta Old White A at Vulcans A Loss 24 – 10
26-Jan-19 Atlanta Old White B at Vulcans B Loss
2-Feb-19 Vulcans at Montgomery Win 55 – 21
9-Feb-19 Vulcans at Baton Rouge Win 34-29
23-Feb-19 Vulcans at New Orleans Loss 74-0
16-Mar-19 Montgomery at Vulcans Win via forfeit
30-Mar-19 Baton Rouge at Vulcans Loss 45-29
06-Apr-19 New Orleans at Vulcans Win 22-19
13-Apr-19 Vulcans vs. Nashville (at True South Championships in Knoxville) Loss 31-22
29-Jun-19 Vulcan 7s Tournament in Birmingham Lost in semi-finals to Optimus (winners)
Fall 2018
Date Opponent Result
15-Sep-18 at U. of Alabama (scrimmage only) Win 34-12
22-Sep-18 “The Other Guyz” at Huntsville’s Heart of Dixie Tournament Win 34-7
22-Sep-18 Memphis Blues at Huntsville’s Heart of Dixie Tournament Loss 27-5
6-Oct-18 Charlotte A at Vulcans A Loss 36-15
6-Oct-18 UAB at Vulcans B Win 34-5
13-Oct-18 Battleship at Vulcans A Battleship Forfeited
13-Oct-18 Gadsden/UAB Mixtures at Vulcans A/B Mixtures Win
20-Oct-18 North Atlanta Rugby Club at Vulcans A Win 65-5
20-Oct-18 Mississippi State at Vulcans B Win 30-29
27-Oct-18 at Old White (B side vs B side) Win 45-24
3-Nov-18 Charleston at Vulcans A Charleston Forfeited
17-Nov-18 at Huntsville Win 59-12
8-Dec-18 Vulcans vs Mobile at State 15s Semifinals in Montgomery Win 24-0
8-Dec-18 Vulcans vs Montgomery at State 15s Finals in Montgomery Win 26-7
Summer 2018 results worthy of note:
9-June-18 CAYR U12 1st place at Alabama State Games in Huntsville
30-June-18 CAYR U12, CAYR U19, and Men’s A side all earned 1st place at Vulcan 7s
14-July-18 CAYR U12 earned 1st place at Luau 7s in Mobile
Spring 2018
Date Opponent Result
3-Feb-18 at Huntsville (friendly) Win 62-0
17-Feb-18 Baton Rouge (matrix) Win 24-17
3-Mar-18 New Orleans (matrix) Win 45-17
10-Mar-18 Memphis (matrix) Win 55-17
17-Mar-18 at Memphis (matrix) Win 34-30
24-Mar-18 at Baton Rouge (matrix) Win 34-7
7-Apr-18 at New Orleans (matrix) Loss 26-19
21-Apr-18 at Nashville for True South Semi-Finals Win 44-24
28-Apr-18 vs. New Orleans for True South Finals (played in Mobile) Win 24-18
5-May-18 vs. Atlanta Renegades at National Round of 32 (played in Southern Pines, NC) Loss 41-24
Fall 2017
Date Opponent Result
16-Sep-17 at Charleston, SC Loss 25-10
23-Sep-17 Nashville (at H.O.D. Tournament) Win 12-5
23-Sep-17 Southern Illinois University (at H.O.D. Tournament) Win 47-7
30-Sep-17 Huntsville (50th Anniversary Friendly Match) Win 67-0
21-Oct-17 UAB Win 61-0
28-Oct-17 At Old White (Atlanta) Loss 38-18
18-Nov-17 At Chattanooga Loss 46-8
2-Dec-17 Gadsden (at State Championships in Montgomery) Win 57-0
2-Dec-17 Montgomery (at State Championships in Montgomery) Loss 24-17
Summer 2017 results worthy of note:
27-May-17 1st place at Luau 7s Tournament in Mobile for U12 team
Spring 2017
Date Opponent Result
21-Jan-17 Gadsden Win 96-0
4-Feb-17 Atlanta Old White Loss 32-5
18-Feb-17 Baton Rouge Win 36-14
25-Feb-17 at Memphis Loss 17-13
11-Mar-17 Jackson, MS Win 41-7
25-Mar-17 at Baton Rouge Win 34-29
1-Apr-17 at Jackson Win 79-17
8-Apr-17 Memphis Win 38-17
22-Apr-17 Knoxville (True South semi-finals in Gadsden) Win 29-26
23-Apr-17 Chattanooga (True South finals in Gadsden) Loss 26-25
Fall 2016
Date Opponent Result
17-Sep-16 Huntsville (at H.O.D. Tournament) Win 17-5
17-Sep-16 Chattanooga (at H.O.D. Tournament) Win 21-15
24-Sep-16 at North Atlanta Rugby Club Win 62-44
2-Oct-16 USA South Panther Hopefuls (Select Side) Loss 34-3
15-Oct-16 Huntsville (at State Championships) Win 15-12
15-Oct-16 Montgomery (at State Championships) Loss 21-10
22-Oct-16 High Country (Atlanta) Win 40-0
12-Nov-16 Columbus, Ga. Win 44-12
Summer 2016 results worthy of note:
28-May-16 1st place at Seersucker 7s Tournament in Mobile for U9 team and mens team
Spring 2016 Match Results
Date Opponent Result
30-Jan-16 UAB Win 57-7
13-Feb-16 Baton Rouge Win 27-5
20-Feb-16 at Memphis Win 30-17
27-Feb-16 at Baton Rouge Loss 28-10
12-March-16 Battleship (Mobile) Win 47-12
19-March-16 at Jackson, MS Loss 15-10
26-March-16 Memphis Loss 20-19
9-April-16 at Battleship Win 49-20
16-April-16 vs. Nashville in True South Semis Loss 40-10
Fall 2015 Match Results
Date Opponent Result
26-Sep-15 at High Country (Atl) High Country had to cancel due to rain
3-Oct-15 North Atlanta Rugby Club Win 30-17
 24-Oct-15  Jackson, MS  Win 48-0
 7-Nov-15  Okaloosa at Bship Tourney  Win 8-5
 7-Nov-15  Atl Renegades at Bship Tourney  Loss (score?)
 8-Nov-15  Highway Men Motley at Bship Tourney  Loss (?-7)
Spring 2015 Match Results
Date Opponent Result
28-Jan-15 Atlanta Renegades Loss 38 – 5
7-Feb-15 Jackson Rugby Win 57 – 5
21-Feb-15 at Mobile Win 23 – 8
7-Mar-15 at Baton Rouge Loss 39 – 24
21-Mar-15 at Jackson Win 32 – 0
28-Mar-15 Montgomery Win 39 – 22
4-Apr-15 Battleship (Mobile) Win 32 – 22
11-Apr-15 Baton Rouge Loss 31 – 27
25-Apr-15 True South Semi-finals vs Chattanooga (in Huntsville) Loss 44 – 7
Fall 2014 Match Results
Date Opponent Result
11-Oct-14 Gadsden Win 51 – 5
18-Oct-14 North Atlanta Rugby Club Win 33 – 7
Oct 25, 2014 Alabama Men’s Club State 15s Championship 1st Place: Win vs Huntsville 29-0,
Win vs Battleship 48-3,
Win vs Montgomery 31-19
Nov 8th and 9th, 2014 36th Annual Battleship Tournament First Place: Win vs Motley 48-0,
Wn vs Baton Rouge 35-7,
Win vs Battleship in finals 20-15
15-Nov-14 @ Montgomery Win 34 – 18
22-Nov-15 Atlanta Old White Loss 44 – 6
Summer 2014 results worthy of note:
24-May-14 1st place at Charleston 7s Tournament
21-Jun-14 1st place at Alabama State Games 7s Tournament
12-Jul-14 1st place at Knoxville 7s Tournament (premier)
Spring 2014 match results:
25-Jan-14 High Country-Atlanta Win 16 – 7
Feb 1, 2014: @ Baton Rouge (Win 13 – 10
Feb 8, 2014 Jackson, MS Win 53 – 6)
15-Feb-14 Memphis Win 33 – 11
22-Feb-14 @Hopkinsville, KY Win 30 – 13
8-Mar-14 Baton Rouge Win 9 – 8
15-Mar-14 @ Jackson, MS Win 29 – 15
22-Mar-14 @Memphis, TN Loss 38 – 29
5-Apr-14 Chattanooga Loss 23-22
12-Apr-14 True South Semifinals vs Knoxville (in Huntsville) Win 24 – 22
13-Apr-14 True South Finals vs Chattanooga (in Huntsville) (Loss 36 – 11)
Fall 2013 match results:
Sep 21, 2013: @ Huntsville Win 23 – 14
Sep 28, 2013: Knoxville Loss 19 – 12
Oct 12, 2013: @ UAB Win 36 – 7
Oct 19, 2013: @ Nashville Loss 22 – 11
Oct 25, 2013: @ U of A Loss 17 – 14
Nov 2, 2013: Gadsden Win 34 – 10
Nov 2, 2013: Montgomery Loss 18 – 9
Summer 2013 results worthy of note:
  1st place at Alabama State Games 7s
  1st place at Okaloosa 7s
Summer 2012 results worthy of note:
  1st place at Alabama State Games 7s
  1st place at Vulcan 7s
Summer 2011 results worthy of note:
  1st place at Alabama State Games 7s
  1st place at Okaloosa 7s
  1st place at Renegades 7s Social Bracket
  1st place at Hotlanta 7s Social Bracket