FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated September 18, 2023

  • Where and when are practices and matches?

    Our home pitch is ‘Krebs Field at Ramsay Park.’ Unless there is an exception noted on our calendar, all practices for the men’s club will be Tuesdays and Thursdays at Krebs Field at 6:30pm. Home matches are usually at Krebs Field on Saturdays around 1 or 2PM but check the calendar/schedule for up to date info.

  • Has practice or the match been canceled? What's the bad weather policy?

    We play and practice rain or shine but if there is heavy lightning or tornados within 30 minutes of the event, we will postpone for 30 minutes or cancel. If we cancel then hopefully you or one of your parents or legal guardians is included in one of our teams in teamsnap because this is the fastest way for you to see updates. We plan to do so by 4pm on practice days if there is any change.

  • How do I register with USA Rugby to be eligible to play (formerly known as CIPP)?

    Feel free to come watch any practice or match with no commitment, but to be eligible to play you must be registered with USA Rugby. Click here for the various registration and payment options). For information about registering for youth or high school Rugby, go to the “Teams” menu and look for “Central Alabama Youth Rugby.

  • Player Dues

    Click here for the various registration and payment options)

    Fall and Spring Seasons = $150 each season for veterans and $60 for first time players and full time students working on their high school diploma or bachelor’s degree. If you have been working on your bachelor’s degree for decades, that’s fine, but you do not get the discount. Discounts are available if you bring out a new player who sticks around for a certain amount of time and pays dues. See an officer for details. This money is due for each season. For example, if a veteran plays Spring and Fall, he will have paid $300 in dues that year.

    Summer Season = Pay your fair share for each tournament you plan to participate in. Specifics will be discussed after practices.

  • What is the minimum age to play for Birmingham?

    For info about Youth Rugby, go to the “Teams” menu and look for “Central Alabama Youth Rugby.”

    As far as the men’s club, you must be 18 or older or we can get an exemption from USA Rugby, as long as you and/or a parent or legal guardian signs some paperwork and so on and so forth.

  • When you say that No experience is necessary, do you really mean that?
  • Do I need to wear cleats (boots)? What kind of shorts should I wear? Will I need a mouthpiece?
    Rugby is similar to to other outdoor sports played on grass in that it is much easier to move about if you’re wearing cleats (NO toe cleats, this means that one lone cleat that is usually at the front of a pair of American football cleats). It is ok to wear any type of shorts until you’re sure this is the sport for you. If you decide that it is, www.WorldRugbyShop.com has plenty of rugby shorts at great prices. Please do wear a mouthpiece.
  • Officer Elections
    We hold annual elections for officers. They are President, Vice President of Operations, Vice President of General Affairs, Treasurer, and Match Secretary. The current names are on our Contacts page.
  • Awards
    Awards are presented at our annual banquets and are based on a 12 month period, not just a single season. You must be current on your dues to receive an award, with the possible exception of the “Ed Krebs Rusty Hammer” (Old Boy of the Year) award. We greatly appreciate when Old Boys pay social dues or make donations as well.
  • Donations
    You can make a tax deductible donation to the club. Information is available on our Donate to the Vulcans page or our Sponsorship Opportunities page .  If you have any other questions, talk to an officer. Trust me, if you are interested in donating, we will be more than happy to help you. Many of you work for companies who require or highly recommend that you deduct a certain amount of each paycheck to go to a United Way approved 501(c)(3) organization. The “Birmingham Rugby Club & Foundation” does qualify as one of those organizations. Depending on where you work, you may have to add it to the list for your company contributions. Also, keep in mind that your company might match your donations.
  • Sponsorship Opportunites
    See our “Sponsors” page
  • More Information/ Player Manual