The Birmingham Vulcans, established in 1967, are a Rugby Union club competing in Division II of the USA Rugby True South Union. Located in Birmingham, Alabama, the team plays year round competing in 15’s and 7’s competition. Under the umbrella of the Birmingham Rugby Club Foundation is Central Alabama Youth Rugby with programs for players ages 6 through 18.

The Vulcans are proud to offer this need based youth rugby scholarship to assist families/players who demonstrate a financial need. If awarded, this scholarship will pay for full or partial season dues, the player’s uniform, and tournament entry fees. While scholarship decision are based primarily on need, consideration is also give to the ways players embody rugby’s core values.

The Vulcans promote and teach the core values of youth rugby as follows:

Passion – The love of the game moves us. We are excited about rugby. We are excited about
being part of a team. We want others to join us and feel our passion.
Solidarity – Standing as one with our teammates regardless of our differences. Our goals are to
have fun, learn, and play rugby.
Integrity – We take responsibility for our actions. We understand that we must adhere to our
core values and play within the laws.
Discipline – The basis of our actions. We engage in a physical sport in a way that is honest and
fair. We obey the laws of the game. We have a good work ethic on and off the field. We
complete our academic work and our tasks at home so we are focused on rugby when the time
Respect – Earned in the way we behave. We respect our parents and guardians who grant us the
opportunity to play rugby. We respect the game, match officials, our teammates, opposition
players and fans, our coaches, teachers, and the field of play.
All information is kept in strict confidence and will only be presented to the Board of the
Birmingham Rugby Club Foundation.
Please mail the following to The Vulcans at P.O. Box 59262, Birmingham, AL 35259:
1. A completed application;
2. A recommendation from a teacher or most recent report card; and
3. A copy of the first page of your parents’/guardians’ most recent 1040 tax form.
These will be shredded.