Last updated April 2, 2021



  • Merchandise Coordinators
        • Adam Hyche (added 10/4/18)
  • Field Committee

    Responsible for ensuring that the pitch is mowed weekly as needed, is in charge of spreading seed, fertilizer, sand, making sure the field is watered, and scheduling field work days.

          • Lee Held = Chairperson of Committee (added 9/1/20)
          • Marco Callaway (added 8/29/16)
          • Ian Green (added 8/29/16)
          • Mike Estock (added 1/16/15)
          • Jonathan Blalock (added 12/29/17)
          • Erick Hanson (added 12/29/17)
          • Bernard Frei (added 5/1/20)

    Everyone else on the team is also on the Field Committee, unless you are already on another committee

  • Phone Hotline
    205-933-MAUL  Zac Ronk (added 8/27/14)(6285)
  • Practice Committee

    Responsible for having the cones, balls, tackle suits, pads, etc. set out before practice and making sure it’s all put away at the end of practice. Also responsible for the lights being turned off AND keeping up with who has the cooler.

          • Zac Ronk (Amish) (added 9/4/13)
          • Jonathan Blalock (added 9/4/13)
  • Recruitment Committee

    Responsible for recruiting new players and fans at all age groups.

    • Matthew Colson (205-561-8113) – head of committee as of 6/3/13
    • Matt Buford (added 12/29/17)
  • Social Committee

    Responsible for planning at least 1 social activity for the entire rugby community per month. It can be anything really as long as it’s fun. There should be a mix of activities where some are family friendly (picnic etc), bowling or can be a drink up. Just don’t drink up too much.

    • Kwame Little (added 10/7/20)
    • Tasker Hewitt (added 8/29/16)
    • Larry Townley (added 11/19/15)
  • Fitness Committee

    Responsible for organizing at a minimum 1 non training day fitness activity each week. This can be as simple as Sunday Touch Rugby, Indoor Soccer, Mountain Biking, etc. These session will not be mandatory for players, but highly encouraged. They should also be fun.

          • Jonathan Blalock (added 8/29/16)
          • Pablo Sierra (added 8/29/16)
          • Danny Mwaura (added 8/29/16)
          • Adam Hicks (added 8/29/16)
          • Zach Blalock (Madeye) (added 9/18/13)
  • Hydration Committee

    This committee will use team funds (or collect from others) to provide H20 and fruit for half time and during matches. Special attention must be paid to be COVID-19 safe with this.

          • Michael Laney = chairperson as of 8/29/16
          • Erick Hanson (added 10/7/20)
          • Zach Blalock (added 3/4/21)
  • Fund Raising Committee

    This committee will raise funds for the club, outside of the dues and tournament entry fees.

          • Larry Townley
          • Mark Wellingham
          • Lou Green
  • Discipline Committee

    This committee will make recommendations to the officers and coaches as to how to discipline team members in the event of any conduct, on or off the field, unbecoming of a Birmingham Vulcan.

          • Nick Kean
          • Tommy Babakitis
          • Zac Ronk
          • Michael Laney
          • Allen Kipp
          • Jon Sullivan